12 Affirmations For Homeschool Moms [Ep. 24]

As a homeschool mom, I’m sure that you can relate to the fact that some days are amazing and other days make you second guess all of your life’s choices. We’ve all been there and can use some positive encouragement to remind us of what’s important. Add these 12 affirmations to your daily routine and notice your mindset, attitude, and homeschooling experience change.

Encouragement For the “At Home” Mom [Ep. 23]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin pens a letter of encouragement to “at-home” moms who may be struggling with overwhelm, exhaustion, or negative feelings about being at home.

What Will They Remember About You? [Ep. 22]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin will discuss the importance for moms to consider their decisions since each decision is creating the memories and stories their children will one day tell about them. What story do you want to tell? How do you want to be remembered? As a mother, a wife, a homemaker, and/or a homeschooler, what story do you want to be told about yourself?

Grace Versus Self-Discipline [Ep. 15]

Could you possibly give yourself grace at times when you shouldn’t? Are there times where you can give yourself grace to excuse your lack of discipline? In this episode, Ty Benjamin explores the difference between personal grace and self-discipline.

When Burnout Gets Real [Ep. 14]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin gives practical tips to deal with burnout when it arises in your homeschooling journey.

Pressure Like A Tick Tick Tick [Ep. 13]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin compares the lyrics to the song, Surface Pressure, from Disney’s Encanto to motherhood and homeschooling.

The Courage To Change Your Focus [Ep. 8]

Where is your focus in your homeschooling? Are you focused on all the challenges, negatives, and struggles? Or are you intentionally focused on the positives, the wins, and the good times of your homeschooling journey? Did you know you have a choice in the matter? Listen to this week’s episode of the Confidently Growing At Home Podcast.

That One Thing [Ep. 4]

If someone asked me what is the one thing I would caution or warn homeschool moms about, I would have to say the need to be on guard for “Stinking Thinking”. And one reason we have such negative thoughts and feelings is that our minds can be saturated with SELF-DOUBT. But what can you do …

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