The Stewardship of Our Children [Ep. 26]

Have you considered that your parenting is a part of your stewardship to God? We’ve been entrusted with an enormous responsibility to raise up men and women of the future in the admonition of the Lord. How are you doing with that?

Let’s talk about it.

12 Affirmations For Homeschool Moms [Ep. 24]

As a homeschool mom, I’m sure that you can relate to the fact that some days are amazing and other days make you second guess all of your life’s choices. We’ve all been there and can use some positive encouragement to remind us of what’s important. Add these 12 affirmations to your daily routine and notice your mindset, attitude, and homeschooling experience change.

Encouragement For the “At Home” Mom [Ep. 23]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin pens a letter of encouragement to “at-home” moms who may be struggling with overwhelm, exhaustion, or negative feelings about being at home.

What Will They Remember About You? [Ep. 22]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin will discuss the importance for moms to consider their decisions since each decision is creating the memories and stories their children will one day tell about them. What story do you want to tell? How do you want to be remembered? As a mother, a wife, a homemaker, and/or a homeschooler, what story do you want to be told about yourself?

7 Must-Read Books For Christian Moms

Check out these 7 books to encourage you along your spiritual walk as a Christian mom so that you can intentionally grow into the best version of yourself.

3 Observations From A Ladies Retreat [Ep. 19]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin shares 3 observations she made about women at a recent Ladies Retreat. Listen to find out why she believes that spending time with other women (especially other moms) is essential to your overall wellbeing, bonding in Christ is a blessing, and facing your fears is a part of your growth process.

For Such A Time As This [Ep. 2]

Just like Esther, we must choose how we will respond to the various circumstances in our life – whether we’ll act in faith or in fear. On top of that, we must be willing to embrace our season in life and realize we may be right where we are “for such a time as this.” …

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