hey there!

Becoming a stay-at-home, homemaking, and/or homeschooling mom is unfortunately a journey that many of us moms have not been properly prepared for nor adequately trained. (Or at least I know I wasn’t.)

The transition from working mom to “at-home” mom can be complicated, challenging, and down right overwhelming.

You can find yourself struggling daily to overcome your fears, doubts, comparisons and perfectionism.

You may even battle with thoughts that you’re not good enough to be a homemaker or lack the confidence that you can successfully teach and homeschool your children.

But listen, if anyone understands you…I DO!

And it’s through my own personal struggles with being at home that I was able to embark on a journey that allowed me to discover the key to feeling more confident, fulfilled, and blessed as an “at-home” mom.

And that key is unlocking your God-given potential through intentional spiritual and personal growth and development.

My mission is to help you initiate my 3-step growth process of igniting your faith, investing in yourself, and positively impacting your home to become the very best “at-home” mom you can be.

are you ready?