End of the homeschool year reflection workshop

Saturday, June 18th at 4 PM EST

Join me for this FREE Reflection workshop

It’s important to review and reflect on your homeschool journey to assess how you’ve shown up, where you’ve progressed, and where you need to improve.

But, let’s face it! Sometimes, we need some accountability to get it done! 

So let’s do it together. 

Join me for 1 hour via ZOOM on Saturday, June 18th from 4 pm – 5 pm EST as we take the time to review our 2021-2022 homeschool year.

I’ll provide the questionnaire and you come prepared to think over the year before life gets crazy and it gets too hard to remember (mom brain anyone?).

So if you’re down, register below!


Hey there, I'm Ty!

Hi, I'm Ty Benjamin!

Christian wife and homeschooling mom of 2. I’ve learned the hard way that the stress and strains of being “at home” are real. From marriage to homemaking to homeschooling, our lives can be very overwhelming and intimidating. That’s why I’ve decided to become an encouraging resource for Christian and homeschooling moms who are struggling with some of the things I’ve struggled with (and at times continue to struggle) like faith, confidence, overwhelm, and productivity.   

It’s my prayer that this workshop helps you on your journey to becoming your best for God, your family, and yourself. I hope to inspire you to pursue self-improvement, rely on God’s grace and seek His wisdom, and feel confident in your ability to create an authentic home and school experience for your family.