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What Will They Remember About You? [Ep. 22]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin will discuss the importance for moms to consider their decisions since each decision is creating the memories and stories their children will one day tell about them. What story do you want to tell? How do you want to be remembered? As a mother, a wife, a homemaker, and/or a homeschooler, what story do you want to be told about yourself?

How To Prevent the Summer Slide For Your Kids [Ep. 21]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin will address the “summer slide” phenomenon, the loss of learning kids can experience during the summer because of a lack of schooling, and offer some tips to help you prevent it for your children.

3 Observations From A Ladies Retreat [Ep. 19]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin shares 3 observations she made about women at a recent Ladies Retreat. Listen to find out why she believes that spending time with other women (especially other moms) is essential to your overall wellbeing, bonding in Christ is a blessing, and facing your fears is a part of your growth process.

How To Find A Homeschool Group [Ep. 17]

Are you a new or seasoned homeschool mom looking to plug into a homeschool group, co-op, tutorial, or community and not quite sure how to go about it? In this episode, Ty Benjamin gives 8 tips to help you find a homeschool group that’s right for your family.