You Can Homeschool with Carrie Strong [Ep. 25]

In this episode, you’ll meet Carrie Strong, author and homeschooling mom of three. We’ll discuss her book, You Can Homeschool: Answers, Methods, and Resources with Real-Life Stories, and other topics such as knowing your why in homeschooling, having clarity, and advice for those who may be on the fence.

12 Affirmations For Homeschool Moms [Ep. 24]

As a homeschool mom, I’m sure that you can relate to the fact that some days are amazing and other days make you second guess all of your life’s choices. We’ve all been there and can use some positive encouragement to remind us of what’s important. Add these 12 affirmations to your daily routine and notice your mindset, attitude, and homeschooling experience change.

Encouragement For the “At Home” Mom [Ep. 23]

In this episode, Ty Benjamin pens a letter of encouragement to “at-home” moms who may be struggling with overwhelm, exhaustion, or negative feelings about being at home.