empowering women to connect with god and his word

Whether you’re hosting a ladies’ event, Bible class, or summit, I am ready to bring a message of faith, joy, and empowerment to your audience. Let’s make your next event memorable and transformative!

Speaking Topics:

  1. Improving Your C.H.A.R.M – How godly women can improve their Christian walk, Health, Attitude, Roles, & Mindset
  2. Breaking Free From Auto-Pilot Christianity – 5 Questions to Jump Start Your Spiritual Growth
  3. Living with Intention: Cultivating a Purpose-Driven Life
  4. Fearless Faith: Overcoming Challenges with Trust and Courage
  5. When My Love For Christ Grows Weak РHow to relight your passion and devotion for Christ
  6. Developing the Christian Woman Within РHow to intentionally pursue spiritual and personal growth as a Christian Woman

Young Ladies Workshop:

  • Balancing Faith and Everyday Life: empowers young ladies aged 12-18 to navigate their Christian faith amidst the challenges of daily life. Through discussions and activities, they explore topics like prioritizing time with God, incorporating faith into daily routines, managing stress, setting boundaries, and making faith-based choices. The workshop aims to inspire confidence and equip participants to live out their faith authentically in school, relationships, and extracurricular activities.

Topics can be tailored for different audiences such as homeschool, stay-at-home, or Christian moms.

Where I’ve Spoken:

I have had the privilege of sharing my insights at various events, including:

  • Christian Conferences
  • Bible Studies
  • Classes and Workshops
  • Virtual Summits
  • Church Ladies’ Days
  • And more…

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