What Type of Homeschool Mom Are You? [Ep. 5]

Have you ever considered how you’re showing up at home as a homeschool mom? Could it be possible that you’re showing up a certain way and not even notice it?

In this episode, Ty Benjamin shares 5 ways that you could be presenting yourself at home. 

Listen to see if you identify with: 

– The Perfectionist Homeschool Mom

– The Mistake Homeschool Mom

– The Inspiration Homeschool Mom 

– The Comparison Homeschool Mom

– The “I CAN” Homeschool Mom




Welcome to Confidently Growing At Home, a podcast dedicated to empower and equip homeschool moms like you to feel more fulfilled, confident, and content to stay home by focusing on your spiritual personal growth.

I’m your host, Ty Benjamin, and I want to help you become the very best version of yourself at home.

The question is, are you ready?

Hey hey, and welcome back to the Confidently Growing At Home Podcast, this episode is entitled: What type of homeschool mom are you?

So, what type of homeschool mom are you?

You might hear that question and ask, well, what do you mean, what type of homeschool mom am I?

And that’s fair.

But I’m asking you this to get you to think about exactly how you are showing up in your home.

It’s from my own experience and from talking with other homeschool moms that you and I can be showing up in several different ways and not even notice it.

So what I’m going to do in this episode is share just five of those ways that we could be presenting ourselves in our homes.

I want you to listen and see if you can find yourself in any of these moms.

The Perfectionist Homeschool Mom

So who is she?

She’s the mom who has the mentality that “I have to find the best way or create the perfect plan before I can begin”, whether it’s finding the best curriculum, the best schedule, the best desk, the best homeschool planner.

She has a problem with getting started without feeling like everything is aligned and perfect in her eyes.

This mom also has difficulty watching her child (or spouse) do something different than the way she.

She may micromanage her family, and even put pressure on her children to perform flawlessly and unfortunately criticize more than give praise.

The perfectionist homeschool mom has to have all the dots connected, all the I’s dotted and all the T’s crossed before she will take action or fully commit.

The second type of homeschool mom is…

The Mistake Homeschool Mom

So she is similar to the perfectionist mom, but the mistake homeschool mom is afraid of failing or having a mishap.

She doesn’t like admitting she doesn’t have the answers.

She doesn’t like looking foolish and fears what others may think or say about her, her homeschooling methods in her family.

She doesn’t like trying new things or being pushed outside of her comfort zone so she’s okay with the bare minimum or just being average.

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The Inspiration Homeschool Mom

So this mom waits until she feels like doing something before she’ll take action and show up how she knows how she is.

This type of homeschool mom allows her feelings to dictate what she will and won’t get done.

Her mindset is that she has to feel like getting up earlier, feel like cooking, feel like cleaning, feel like teaching, feel like taking the kids outside to play, feel like studying the Bible and praying, feel like calling that person who’s been on her mind for the longest and she still hasn’t done it, or feel like doing those things to take better care of herself, like eating healthier and exercising.

She waits for motivation to hit her, but finds that she just keeps on waiting.

This mom finds excuses for not doing what she knows she should.

There’s not enough time. There’s not enough money.

She doesn’t have enough energy, not enough experience, or she doesn’t have enough help.

I just felt something walk over my toes. I don’t know about you, but anyways.

The Comparison Homeschool Mom

So this mom thinks that everyone else is better than she is, and that other families are better than hers.

She’s constantly comparing herself to other moms – at the co-op, in the church, online on Facebook and Instagram…

Oh, don’t forget Pinterest.

She tears herself down because she’s not like so-and-so and her kids aren’t like so-and-so’s kids.

You’ll hear her say things like, “I wish I could do that.”

“I wish my kids had that or did that.”

“I wish my house was this.”

She is constantly looking outward and views what she has is as not good enough.

And now to the final way we can show up at home is the…

“I Can” Homeschool Mom

So this homeschool mom says to herself, “I can give this class or curriculum or project a chance, and if it doesn’t work, then I’ll just pivot. I’ll just change and adapt.”

She says. “I can give myself and my family grace, understanding, and patience.”

She says, “I can start something without having to know all the ins and outs of how it’ll end or be completed.”

“I can move past my mistakes and my failures because they don’t define me.”

She says, “I can learn from and embrace my mistakes and use the lessons to make myself and my family better.

The I Can mom says that, “I understand that I can only grow and get better outside my comfort zone, and I’m tired of being just good enough.”

She says, “I can understand that there are some things I may never feel like doing, but if I want to be better and grow, then I have to do it anyway…despite how I feel.”

This homeschool mom says, “I can be creative to find solutions to my obstacles, letting go of any excuses and realize that I get to choose whether I’ll pursue growth and give my best or risk living the rest of my life below my full potential.”

She says that, “I can learn from other moms who are ahead of me, but I must not diminish my worth and what I can bring to the table with the gifts and talents and the mind that God has blessed me with.”

The I Can homeschool mom says. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I must possess a growing faith that’s founded upon God’s Word and His promises and develop a growth mindset that’s always willing to improve and be better than I was on yesterday.”

Now, I don’t know if you were able to identify yourself with any of these types of homeschool moms and how they show up in their homes…

But it’s my prayer for both you and me, that we will strive to be like the I Can mom who embraces and appreciates her individual journey as a wife, mother, Christian, sister, friend, as well as the homeschool journey that she and her family is traveling upon.

So, I would love to hear from you and hear your thoughts on this and any comments or questions you may have.

What type of homeschool mom are you, answer that question?

Feel free to hit me up online, or you can email me at ty@athomewithty.com and you can find the show notes of this episode at athomewithty.com/5.

Please subscribe and review this podcast so that we can reach even more homeschool moms out there.

And as always I’m Ty Benjamin, homeschool mom of two and Mom Encourager.

And this has been Confidently Growing At Home.

Talk to you soon.

God bless.

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